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Rosti Sobek is a 5.0 Pro Player, certified and insured by the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA). He travels to many pickleball events every year and is up to date on current pickleball regulation. He loves the sport and the competitiveness it brings to the court.  

Pickleball Clinic 
Pickleball Tutor Drill
$30/30 minutes





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Your trainer will be able to see your strengths and weaknesses and adjust them accordingly to maximize your improvement on the court. Players that improve in Pickleball will discover that how they train for Pickleball properly is the key to becoming better players. We will develop strategies that will pair with your skills so that you can get away with a respectable Pickleball career. 

We focus on:






On the court learning environment

  • Private lessons to students of all levels and ages. The coaching is unique and at a superior level to any other camp in South Florida.

  • Specific developmental game plan to evaluate where you are genetically, technically, strategically, and mentally through a private lesson.

  • Personalized attention. Actions speak louder than words. His son is among the top best Pickleball players in the world. 

Why get trained?

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